400 MHz Widebore NMR

Bruker Avance III HD console

The Bruker Avance III HD console is the centerpiece of our 400 MHz widebore NMR system. This system is designed specifically for solid-state NMR applications and has a 300 W pulse amplifier for the 1H/19F channel as well as a 500 W double-channel pulse amplifier for both X and Y. Two high performance broadband preamplifiers (HPPR/2 XBB19F HP) allow a sensitive detection of nuclear resonances.

Bruker Ascend 400 DNP magnet

The 9.4 T widebore (89 mm) magnet includes a cryo as well as room temperature shim-coil system for high resolution NMR. An additional superconducting sweep coil allows the variation of the magnetic field by +/– 75 mT for an optimum adjustment of DNP matching conditions. The cryo-coils are cooled by liquid helium at a temperature of –269 °C (4.2 K). To minimize the helium evaporation rate, the reservoir is vacuum isolated and additionally shielded by an outer container containing liquid nitrogen.


400 MHz 4 mm MAS WVT H/X/Y

Broadband CP/MAS triple resonance probe

  • wide temperature range  (–120°C to +300°C)
  • MAS with 4 mm rotors up to 15 kHz
  • Rotor insert and eject
  • H-channel: 1H (with high-power decoupling)
  • Double resonance mode (HX) with wide tuning range
  • Triple resonance X/Y combinations: 13C/15N, 31P/23Na-29Si, 11B/23Na-29Si

400 MHz 1.3 mm MAS H/X

High-speed CP/MAS broadband double resonance probe

  • temperature range –30°C bis +70°C
  • fast MAS with 1.7 mm rotors up to 67 kHz
  • H channel: 1H (with high-power decoupling)
  • X channel: 31P – 15N

400 MHz 5 mm static solid-state probe

Double resonance CP NMR-probe with transverse solenoid coil for static solid-state experiments

  • wide temperature range (–150°C to +250°C)
  • 1H/19F channel (with high power 1H decoupling and cross polarization)
  • X channel: 31P – 15N